Gorgeous Wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle

I absolutely loved this wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle. As a San Diego wedding photographer, one of the things I love most is visiting amazing wedding venues. San Diego has so many beautiful wedding venues, from the beach to the mountains to vineyards set in rolling hills. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is all-encompassing for bridal party prep, ceremony, and reception, then I can’t recommend Mt. Woodson Castle enough!

Image depicting a wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle

3 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle

1. Mt. Woodson Castle Allows You to Stay in
One Place for Ceremony and Reception

Wedding days are a whirlwind! From hair and makeup to first looks to cocktail hour and reception, the day can move along at a fast pace, especially if you have to move from venue to venue. What I love about this venue is there are plenty of spaces for the bridal party to get ready, gorgeous open spaces for the ceremony, and a large reception area. Your guests can enjoy the wedding all in one location, and so can the bride and groom. This leads to less chaos and rush on your wedding day, and more time to be present to each moment.

Image of bride getting ready with mom
Image depicting bridesmaids first look of bride
Image of bride hugging brother during a first look on her wedding day
Image of a bride taking photos at her wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle
Bridesmaids photos at Mt. Woodson Castle
Image depicting bridesmaids taking bridal party photos at Mt. Woodson Castle
groomsmen at a wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle

2. This Venue Offers Several Gorgeous Photography Spots

Obviously, this is my favorite reason to get married at Mt. Woodson Castle! There is no shortage of places to take photos. The architecture inside and outside of the castle is spectacular. Whether your photos are being taken inside or outside, they will be absolutely gorgeous with the backdrops that Mt. Woodson Castle offers.

Image of bride and groom holding hands at Mt. Woodson Castle
Wedding ceremony at Mt. Woodson Castle
Bride and groom taking communion during wedding ceremony
Image of bride and groom at Mt. Woodson Castle walking down the aisle
Bridal party taking photos during a wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle
Family wedding portraits

3. Mt. Woodson Castle is Easy to Access

This last point may seem trivial, but having a wedding venue that is easy to get to and has plenty of parking is a must! The last thing you want on your wedding day are guests arriving late because they couldn’t find a parking spot. I love this venue because it is fairly easy to get to, in a location with very little traffic, and settled on a golf course with tons of parking. Those are all wins in my book!

Image of bride and groom in front of Mt. Woodson Castle
Bride and groom exiting reception at Mt. Woodson Castle

Are you planning a wedding for the upcoming year??! If so, consider Mt. Woodson Castle for your wedding day! And if you’re looking for someone to capture it–it would be an honor for me to do so!

XO, Desiree

Desiree Jacobs Photography is based in San Diego, CA