Home Sweet Home: Making the Most of Your Space During Your Newborn Session

Image depicting a family in their kitchen during a newborn photoshoot

What comes to mind when you think of a newborn session? Is it a baby tightly swaddled, lying in the middle of a bed? Perhaps a family cozying up on the couch? Tiny newborn toes and fingers? All of these are wonderful things to capture in a newborn session and typically what I strive to photograph as a San Diego Newborn Photographer. But beyond capturing sibling cuteness and family cuddles, comes capturing the home–the heartbeat behind the family and the place where people feel safe and relaxed. There’s a reason newborn sessions typically take place in the home, so why not capture unique elements that highlight home sweet home.

Image depicting a newborn session in San Diego
San Diego newborn photographer

Tip #1: Choose Areas That Highlight
Where Life Happens

I love beginning my newborn sessions in the master bedroom. This is a sacred space where midnight nursing sessions happen, where toddlers sneak in in the middle of the night for cuddles, and even for some families, where their new edition was born. I have the fondest memories of snuggling up with my babies in my bed, falling asleep with them in my arms, bedtime stories and nursing cuddles.

Another space that is equally as used is the kitchen. This is often known as the heart of the home! As a mom of 4, I spend a good portion of my day in this space. If lighting is good and families agreeable, capture them in their element around the kitchen island or leaning against the counters.

Image depicting a family hanging out in the kitchen during a newborn session.
Image of family of 5 on their bed during a newborn photoshoot in San Diego.

Tip #2: Search the Home for Rooms
That Offer the Best Lighting

While I love shooting in different areas of the home, not all areas are ideal lighting-wise. If the master bedroom is dimly lit, try shooting in the living room. If the living room isn’t idea, perhaps use the kitchen, as mentioned before. My primary goal is to capture a family living in their home. Choosing spaces where life happens that also offer flattering light, is crucial to lifestyle newborn photography.

San Diego newborn photographer

My Final Tip for Making the Most of Your Space for Your Newborn Session,
is to Allow Time to Get Creative

One of the benefits of an in-home newborn session, is the laid-back, no-rush feel. I try to make my outdoor photography feel this way, but inevitably we are on mother nature’s time clock, namely, the sunset. With in-home newborn sessions I block out 2 hours and typically have a buffer on either side of that. Babies need to nurse, toddlers need to play, and it’s difficult to capture a calm baby if things are loud or chaotic. One benefit to having extra time and slowing down, is it allows me to think outside the box and use the family’s space in creatively.

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