How to Prepare For Your Newborn Session

Welcoming a new baby into your home is one of the sweetest seasons you can experience! Whether it is through adoption, foster care, or a biological child, growing your family is a season worth capturing. While it is sweet, it is also an overwhelming season! I’ve welcomed four babies into my home and each time it seems that my house explodes with diapers, wipes, and the latest baby contraptions. The last thing you want to worry about before your photographer comes to your home for your newborn session, is deep cleaning your house. Here are a few ways to prepare for your upcoming in-home lifestyle newborn session!

Image depicting a family during a newborn photoshoot.
San Diego newborn photographer

Clean Up The Clutter, But No Need to Deep Clean!

One of the many reasons I love in-home photography, is that it captures the aesthetics of your space. I love seeing various decorating styles, furniture, and artwork that is unique to each family. When you look back on your photos, I want you to see your home as it is, with your family in it.

What will distract, though, from the aesthetics of your home, is the clutter. Dust and crumbs won’t show through my lens, but clutter will. I always recommend that my clients pick up paperwork, electronics, and dishes from areas where we will be shooting. This creates a distraction-free space so your eye is drawn towards the main subject in your images–namely, your baby!

Clear Off Any Side Tables or Coffee Tables

As a San Diego newborn photographer, most homes get good lighting at all times of the year. That’s the beautiful thing about San Diego living! I always look for the rooms that have the best lighting, though. I’m typically am drawn towards the master bedroom, nursery, and living room. I recommend clearing off all coffee tables, night stands, and side tables in these rooms.

Image of a newborn during a San Diego newborn session

Neutralize Your Space

The simpler your space is, the more your family stands out in your photos. I love incorporating special blankets, beanies, or lovies into newborn sessions; things that are personal to you and hold meaning. I also love when clients have a fun accent wall or well-decorated nursery that I can capture them in. When it comes to bedding and backdrop for family photos or solo-baby photos, I do love neutral colors. This allows baby to stand out and doesn’t clash with family wardrobe.

How to prepare for your newborn session
Image depicting San Diego newborn photography

My final piece of advice for preparing for your newborn session, is to be yourself!

Lifestyle newborn photography is all about capturing connection and emotion between family members. I don’t want to capture perfectly posed people, I want to capture parents and siblings in awe of their new addition. I want to photograph moms cuddling up with their newborn and siblings counting tiny toes. So my number one piece of advice for preparing for your newborn session, is to be your natural self and love on your people!

Image depicting mom and daughter with newborn son during a newborn photoshoot
Image of a family during a San Diego newborn photography session


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