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Every year I offer a small amount of petite sessions for my clients. Petite sessions are short, 20-30 minute sessions. They occur in a location I choose and I photograph 3-5 families back-to-back. I love offering petite sessions because some clients don’t need a full hour long session that includes 75 images. Some families want to update their family photos for Christmas cards or simply to frame in their home. Because of this, a shorter session is perfect for them. However, petite sessions are not right for everyone. Today I’m going to share who these sessions were created to serve.

image of dad with sons during family photos

Petite Sessions are Great for Returning Clients

One thing I love about petite sessions, is seeing returning families year after year. I have had the privilege of photographing kids and watching them grow up in front of my camera. Because these sessions are shorter, it’s important that kids are comfortable around me and families are relaxed in front of my camera. That’s how I can produce images that show genuine love and emotion between family members. We don’t have a full hour to settle in and I always want my clients to be happy with their images. For these reasons, petite sessions are wonderful for families who know me and have worked with me before.

image of family taking family photos
Image depicting family during a petite session photoshoot

Petite Sessions are Good for Families with Older Children

If you haven’t worked with me before, I would still love to photograph your family! Petite sessions are wonderful for families with older children. Older kiddos are typically faster to warm up to new people and easy to pose for photos. With that said, older kids (if they’re anything like mine!) don’t usually want to be photographed for too long. Because of this, petite sessions give mamas what they are looking for-updated family photos-and give kids (and dads!) what they are looking for-a short time in front of a camera. Win-win. 🙂

Image of brothers taking photos during a petite session
image of family walking during photoshoot in San Diego
Image of mom with her sons during a petite session

Petite Sessions are Perfect for Clients Who Only Need a Few Images

I typically deliver around 75 images with my family and newborn sessions. This may seem like a lot. However, if you haven’t had family photos taken in awhile, have young kids who are changing quickly, or just welcomed a new addition to your family, having a full set of photos is important. Some families may create a photo album or book with their images, to capture this season of life. If you are someone who just wants a few updated family photos to frame or use for the holidays, a petite sessions is a great option.

image of mom hugging her boys during a photoshoot in San Diego
image of couple taking photos during a petite session

You can view my 2022 petite session dates below!
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