Maternity Photos at Coronado Beach

Coronado Maternity Photographer

Coronado Beach is a beautiful beach on Coronado Island. I love this beach for so many reasons and often suggest it to maternity clients for their upcoming session.

Maternity Photos at Coronado Beach

Couple taking maternity photos at Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is a large and wide open beach here in San Diego. As a San Diego photographer, one of my top priorities when choosing locations, is space. I want to make sure there is plenty of room for my clients to move around. I also want to make sure I’m not waiting in line with other photographers to use highly valued spaces such as underneath the Scripps Pier or on the Sweetwater River Bridge.

Images of mom taking maternity photos at Coronado Beach
San Diego Maternity Photographer
Images depicting maternity photos at Coronado Becah

Coronado Beach Has Many Backdrops for My Clients Gallery

I love that Coronado has a variety of backdrops. From sand dunes that spell C-O-R-O-N-A-D-O to the beautiful shoreline, this beach allows me to give my clients a gallery that is filled with variety.

Sunsets at Coronado Beach Are Gorgeous Year Round

Whether it is foggy or clear, sunsets at Coronado Beach never seem to disappoint! I love framing mama’s sweet belly with warm sunshine, and capturing soon-to-be parents in the water just after the sun has set.

Maternity Photos at Coronado Beach

Are you expecting a baby soon? Consider Coronado Beach for your maternity photos. It has lots of space to move around, is beautiful all year round, and provides a variety of backdrops to create beautiful images.

Maternity Photos at sunset in Coronado Beach


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