The Beauty of Lifestyle Photography

As a San Diego photographer, lifestyle photography is the photography niche my work falls into. There are many styles of photography-portrait photography, studio photography, and landscape photography to name a few. For me, lifestyle photography is what speaks to me as an artist and is what the majority of my work is comprised of.

Here are some reasons why I love lifestyle photography.

Family photos at Moonlight Beach in San Diego

1. Lifestyle Photography is Laid-Back

Lifestyle photography has a relaxed, go-with-the-flow feel. My sessions are typically 45-60 minutes long, not rushed, and follow the pace of the youngest child. I tend to determine the flow of the session within the first 10 minutes of meeting my clients. If kiddos are energetic and playful, we’re going to play lots of games! If they’re shy and clingy to mom and dad, we’re going to do a lot of snuggling and hugging. There are no forced poses or smiles, but rather interactions with family members and capturing connection.

Image of a family taking sunset photos in San Diego
Image of boy at a lifestyle family session in San Diego

2. Lifestyle Photography Captures Emotion & Connection

This is my favorite aspect of lifestyle photography! Years are fleeting. Babies don’t stay babies, toddlers become kids, and kids become teens. Capturing families in the season they are in with all of the emotion that comes with it, is my primary goal as a San Diego photographer.

Image depicting parents during a lifestyle family session in San Diego
Lifestyle family photography in San Diego

3. Lifestyle Photography is Accommodating to All Ages & Stages

Image of mother with her elderly mother and with her son

If you’ve spent time with children, you know that their moods and cooperation change quickly! Asking a 2 year old to sit still and smile is quite the daunting task. But asking a 2 year old to snuggle with their sibling or give mom a hug, or play a game with their parents is something most of them will do willingly. Interaction comes much easier for most people than cooperation. I love that lifestyle photography is accommodating to all family members regardless of age or stage of life.

How about you? Do you have a favorite style of photography?


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