Top 5 Newborn Poses From A San Diego Newborn Photographer

As a San Diego newborn photographer, my primary goal is capturing connection and emotion in the families I am photographing. I want families to look back on their newborn photos and remember how tiny their new baby was, the way he or she smelled in those first few weeks of life, the emotion on their spouse’s face as they looked down at their new addition, and the joy on siblings’ faces as they held their baby brother or sister. Capturing all of these things takes time, planning, and most importantly–posing.

Here are my top 5 newborn poses as a
San Diego newborn photographer:

Picture of mom with her kids during a newborn photoshoot

Newborn Pose #1: Family Sitting On Bed

This is typically my first go-to pose, as it ensures I get all members of the family together. I love placing mom and dad in the middle of the bed and piling their kiddos on top of them. This pose shows the closeness of the family as well as how full their arms are now. 🙂

Family snuggling on a bed during a newborn photoshoot
Newborn photoshoot posing

Newborn Pose #2: Siblings Snuggling Baby

This might be my favorite pose of all! As a mama of 4, there is something magical about the sibling bond. Watching my kids love on each other makes my heart swell and reminds me why I had more than one child. Don’t get my wrong, my kids fight and bicker with the best of them, but I know deep down there is a bond that is strong and will last (hopefully!) a lifetime.

Siblings snuggling their new brother during a photoshoot

My 3rd Favorite Newborn Pose is The Family Snuggle

This pose might be the sweetest! It’s not always the easiest to capture, especially if you have several other siblings in the mix and/or active toddlers, but it is a wonderful way to show connection among family members.

Newborn Pose #4: Mom & Dad Cuddling Baby

I absolutely treasure my own newborn photos with my babies. I love the ones of my entire family but the ones of just me and my new babe are a gift. For parents with several kiddos, having photos with just their spouse and newborn, or solo photos of them with their newborn, allows them to soak in their new addition in the midst of a busy and full season of life.

Image of parents holding newborn baby during a newborn photoshoot in San Diego

My Final Favorite Newborn Pose as a San Diego Newborn Photographer, is Solo Shots of Baby

If baby is calm and okay being apart from mom or dad, this pose is a must! I love placing baby on the bed with a clean, blank backdrop. From here I can capture several different angles along with tiny fingers and toes.

Newborn pose during San Diego newborn photography shoot

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