What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Dad kissing mom during lifestyle newborn session

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is “Unposed”

I use the term unposed loosely, because all photographers have a posing system. However, with lifestyle newborn photography, I pose my families in a natural, comfortable way. Baby stays with mom or dad for the majority of my session, and I don’t use any props when photographing baby alone. When posing baby I only use a swaddle and keep baby in a fitted onesie or just a diaper. If you’re looking for those adorable photos where baby is propped up on their elbows holding their head up in a froggy pose, then I’m probably not a good fit for you!

Dad holding daughter during lifestyle newborn photography
Image depicting lifestyle newborn photography
Family with newborn during photoshoot

Lifestyle Newborn Photography
Captures Emotion and Connection

As a San Diego lifestyle newborn photographer, my main goal is to capture love, joy, and awe you have for your newborn. I want to capture the way your husband looks at you as you hold his daughter. I want to capture your baby’s little hand holding your finger and the joy on siblings’ faces as they look at their baby brother or sister. Throughout my newborn sessions I will ask you to cuddle, hold, kiss, or talk to your baby. Emotion and connection comes through interaction so this is what I have my clients do throughout their newborn session.

mom holding daughter during newborn photoshoot
Image depicting parents holding newborn during lifestyle newborn photoshoot
Image of baby holding mom's hand depicting lifestyle newborn photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is Baby Led

As a mom of 4, I understand how demanding and all-consuming the newborn stage is! Babies may want to nurse all day or never be put down. Their tummies may be upset or they didn’t sleep well the night before. All of these things are normal in the first few weeks and months of life! While I typically have a system in place for my newborn sessions, flexibility is key and baby is in charge! If your newborn needs to be held the entire time, then I’ll capture solo shots of him/her in mama’s arms. If baby needs to nurse a few times throughout our session then we’ll take breaks. Lifestyle newborn photography is slow, laid-back, and guided by baby’s needs.

Image of baby depicting lifestyle newborn photography
Parents snuggling with baby during photoshoot
Dad holding daughter during newborn photo session

Newborn sessions are so incredibly precious. Being invited into someone’s home to capture their new family is an honor and a gift that’s never lost on me. If you’re expecting a baby soon and lifestyle newborn photography feels like a right fit for you, it would be an honor to capture your newborn in the comfort of your own home. Let’s chat!

XO, Desiree

Desiree Jacobs Photography is based in San Diego, CA