What To Wear For Maternity Photos

Image depicting family at Coronado Beach taking maternity photos

Choosing what to wear for your maternity photos can be a challenge. At this point in pregnancy, you can’t see your feet and it probably feels like your belly cannot possibly stretch anymore than it already has! I remember that feeling coupled with the desire to feel beautiful in front of the camera despite my large belly. If you’re struggling to choose what to wear for your maternity photos, I’ve got you covered!

Image depicting what to wear for maternity photos
Image of a dress to wear for maternity photos

Choose Clothing That You Can Comfortably Move In

If you’ve had a session with me before, you know that I love movement! As a lifestyle photographer, my primary goal is to capture genuine love, connection, and emotion between my clients. I love capturing parents walking together, tossing their kids in the air, or snuggling on a blanket with one another. When choosing what to wear for maternity photos, it’s important that you choose wardrobe pieces you can move around in.

Image of family of 3 showing what to wear for a maternity session

Choose A Maternity Dress That Accentuates Your Belly

While pants and a patterned top photograph beautifully for family sessions, for maternity photos I highly recommend choosing a dress that accentuates your belly. I love tight fitted dresses that highlight mama’s growing bump, as well as long flowy dresses that create movement in images. Amazon has some amazing maternity dresses such as this one and this one!

Image of mom at maternity photoshoot at Coronado Beach
Mom and dad posing for maternity pictures at Coronado Beach
Coronado Beach maternity photoshoot

Soft Neutral Colors Or Simple Patterns Capture
Beautifully For Your Maternity Photos

When it comes to maternity photos, the star of the show is mama! I love a neutral color palette when it comes to clothing. Beige, white, blush, and soft blue are gorgeous color combinations. A bold red or green dress on mom paired with a more neutral color on dad or kiddos, also compliment one another. If someone is going to wear a pattern, I recommend it being mama since she is the one we want to stand out! A few colors to avoid: Black and bright white. These colors cause skin tone to look a bit off so I always recommend avoiding them if possible.

Image depicting mom and daughter showing what to wear for a maternity session.
Image of mom taking maternity photos with daughter sitting on her baby bump

Are you expecting a baby soon?? I hope these tips and images help you feel inspired and excited to choose what to wear to your upcoming maternity session!


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