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Newborn photography is so dear and precious to me! Capturing a baby within the first weeks of his or her life is so sweet. Since my style of newborn photography is lifestyle, I want my families to look relaxed and filled with natural connection between each other. Posing newborns can be tricky, though, and in the early years of capturing newborns, I often ran out of newborn posing ideas. Below are 5 newborn photography poses you can use at your next newborn session that capture emotion, connection, and love.

Family taking photos during newborn photoshoot
Image depicting newborn photography poses

Newborn Photography Pose #1: Snuggle In

If baby is calm and big siblings have warmed up to me and my camera, I love getting families snuggled in on the master bed, their couch, or standing in front of a window. This is a great time to grab that photo for grandma where everyone is smiling at the camera. Then, I ask big siblings to look at baby, dad to kiss mom, and all family members to ooh and ahh over their new addition.

Image of family during a newborn photography session
Image of mom and daughters during newborn photoshoot
Newborn photography poses with baby against mom's chest

Pose #2: Hold Baby Facing Out

This is my favorite pose to have dads do. There’s something so precious about a tiny baby in a father’s big, strong hands. I ask dad to place baby (safely) against his chest, facing out towards me. I then direct him to look down at his new daughter or son, smile at him/her, and kiss the top of baby’s head. This is also a great way to get a close-up shot of just baby, who may not want to be put down for solo photos.

Image of dad holding daughter and showing newborn photography poses

Pose #3: Capture Dad With Baby From Behind

I love capturing newborns from this angle. You can do this newborn pose with either mom or dad, or both. This is a creative way to make baby the star of the newborn session. Remember to ask dad to lean back slightly so you can get a clear shot of baby.

Newborn photography pose with baby laying on dad's lap

Newborn Pose #4: Baby on Mom’s Chest

When it comes to capturing a newborn with his/her mama, my focus is on connection and emotion. Placing a baby on mom’s chest is my favorite way to capture this. There’s something so beautiful about a mother with a newborn lying against her. I ask mom to smile at me, kiss baby’s head, and smile down at the precious new life she created. One tip for photographers to avoid getting the “double chin” look on mom. Have mom turn her head slightly and smile down towards her elbow. It elongates mom’s neck and face and is a very flattering pose for moms.

Mom holding baby against her chest during a newborn session

Pose #5: Siblings Laying Down

This newborn position is probably my favorite! I love to tell big siblings they’re going to pretend to sleep with their baby brother or sister. I first get big siblings situated where I want them, then I carefully place baby in the crook of their arm or right next to them so their heads are touching. I ask big sister or brother to “sleep” then “wake up!” This is a great way to capture catchlights in their eyes and bring out some genuine smiles. I also will ask big siblings to hold baby’s hand or turn slightly and kiss baby’s head.

Image of sister and newborn baby sister during newborn session
Image depicting family snuggled on bed during newborn session

Are you ready to try out these newborn photography
poses at your next session??!

XO, Desiree

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