Winter Family Photos at Penasquitos Ranch House

Penasquitos Ranch House is one of my favorite locations for family photos! With it’s large open field, quaint ranch house, and lush foliage, it’s an ideal location for family photos.

Penasquitos Ranch House Has Beautiful Scenery

When you think of San Diego scenery, I would venture to guess that the beach is the first thing that pops into your mind. As a San Diego family photographer, I have several beaches I recommend to my clients who are wanting sand beneath their toes in their family photos. But for clients who are hoping for a more “woodsy” look to their gallery, Penasquitos Ranch House is my go-to location! This location is beautiful all year round and has so much foliage. During the months of September-November, the trees give off a fall vibe that is hard to find here in San Diego. Even in the middle of the summer when temperatures are warm and rain is scarce, the field is still lush and trees are full of green.

Family photos at Penasquitos Ranch House
Image depicting family taking photos in San Diego

Penasquitos Ranch House is Wonderful
For Families with Young Kids

I love how easy it is to get around Penasquitos Ranch House. For families with young children and strollers, it’s easy to push them around and carry what you need throughout your session. Similarly, for families who want to include grandparents in their photos, this location is easy to walk around. If grandma or grandpa isn’t able to walk a far distance or perhaps uses a cane or wheelchair, Penasquitos Ranch House easily accommodates for these things.

Image of kids being sweet to each other during San Diego family photos
Image of family walking at Penasquitos Ranch House

Penasquitos Ranch House Has Plenty of Space To Move Around

As a photographer in San Diego, the greatest issue I run into during busy months, is too many photographers trying to shoot at the same location. One of my favorite things about this location is there is so much space! During this particular family session there were at least 4 other photographers there. You would never guess that from these photos, right?! There are so many spots to choose from in this one location that I’m never getting in another photographer’s way.

Image of photo of mom with her kids at Penasquitos Ranch House

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